South Kansas Camp

South Kansas Camp #2064 was formed in Wichita, Kansas on June 18, 2004 with Compatriot Charlie Wilson commanding. Although a specific individual related to the war was not used in naming the camp, several event areas and their dates made it apparent that South Kansas was the perfect name for the camp.

A number of occurrences resulted in the southern part of Kansas being segregated from the usual U.S. Government during the War between the States: the Osage reservation was excluded from the territorial and state government by statutes. Military districts separated the area from various commands, and fighting in the area was referred to as being Indian Territory instead of in Kansas.

Noteworthy events include the Osage signing a CSA treaty on October 2, 1861 that included the Osage Reservation, and the Cherokee signed a CSA treaty on October 10, 1861, which included the Cherokee Neutral Lands. The treaties were ratified December 24, 1861 and therefore were recognized as being included as part of the Confederate States of America. The various treaties with the Confederacy by Indian tribes promised to make South Kansas a state in the Confederacy.

South Kansas Camp immediately took the reins with hard recruiting efforts and dedication to survive, soon to become the largest camp in the Kansas Division. The South Kansas Camp is very active in recruitment at gun shows and involvement in parades and Project Locate.

In the fall of 2009, the camp voted a new commander in Compatriot Kevin Ivey. Commander Ivey continues the tradition of good camp business by presenting new speakers and ideas for each month's meeting.

South Kansas Camp holds its monthly meetings at Rockwell Branch Library, 5939 E 9th Street, Wichita, Kansas on the second Thursday of each month. Fellowship at 5:00 pm and meeting at 5:30 pm.