Colonel Warner Lewis

Warner Lewis was the son of Robert and Lucy Bacon Lewis and was born in Saint Louis, Missouri January 05, 1834.  The Family migrated to Missouri from Virginia in 1819.  Lewis graduated form the University of Missouri in 1854 and the following year married Sarra Griffith.

When the War started in 1861, Lewis joined the Army and in short time was appointed a Colonel serving under General Joe Shelby.  While on a mission with colonel Charles Harrison and 16 other men, Lewis was severly wounded.  At the close of the War, Lewis followed General Shelby into Mexico but soon returned to his home state.

   He gathered his family and built a cabin and studied law.  His first wife Sarah Magdlen Griffith died in 1880 and in 1882, Lewis Married Mary Glen.  The last years of his life were spent quietly in his home.  On the day of his death October 23, 1915, he had spent the morning in town and seemed to be in normal health.  After supper, he told his wife he had pains in his chest.  His wife returned from the kitchen and “found that the spirit had passed away and the body was lifeless.

Colonel Charles Harrison

   Colonel Charles Harrison was in charge of a unit of 18 officers with orders to raise a unit of men in the Colorado Territory and then return to Texas. Two days into the expedition, on May 22, 1863, Colonel Harrison and 15 of his men were killed by about 300 Osage Indians at the confluence of drum Creek and the Verdigris River about 5 miles north of Coffeyville, Kansas.


     Colonel Warner Lewis and Private Rafferty escaped and reported that their companions were beheaded and the bodies were stacked on ther riverbank. Lewis and Rafferty made their way to camp of Colonel John T. Coffee’s Regiment in Southwest Missouri.  Private Rafferty was killed later in fighting in Missouri.

Colonels Lewis & Harrison Camp #1854 chartered May 17, 1999 under the command of Paul Harrison followed by Joe Elliot, Kyle F. Erickson, and Denver Erickson. Meetings are held at 10:00am third Saturday of every month at the Westside Christian Church in Topeka, Kansas.